Earning Her Taxi Club Card

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Today, this stunning woman boarded the Fake Taxi to travel to the city center. Zlata Shine revealed to me that she was an air hostess and had recently arrived in Prague after a protracted flight. I asked Zlata whether she knew what the "Taxi Club" was after telling her about the "Mile High Club." I explained that she would receive a significant discount if she consented to engage in some dirty fun. I was completely attracted to the gorgeous blonde when she displayed me her enormous, bouncing tits and solid ass. I parked in my preferred location and got into the cab with Zlata, who gave me a deep throat blowjob and a tit wank. She then put her wet pussy on my hard cock and gave it a cowgirl ride before I fucked her in the missionary position as she played with her large boobs and licked them. The tall, long-limbed lady knelt down on all fours for me to fuck her doggie-style, and I jerked off till I burst a load on her tongue!

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