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When I picked up this hot prostitute named Vile Vixen, it was a really cold day. The tattooed brunette showed off her gorgeous, inked-up figure by spinning around in the cab. She was definitely not shy. I wanted to fuck the pierced slut when she showed me her boobs and then bent over and stuck out her curvy ass. Vile was horny due to the bumpy journey, and by the time I joined her in the backseat, the cheeky minx had already undressed to her underwear. She gave me a wet, sloppy blowjob while holding the entirety of my throbbing cock in her mouth, and then she took off her thong so I could get missionary access to her pussy. Vile then rode me like a cowgirl till she exited, at which point we moved outside the vehicle so I could tight seize her from behind in dog! The cum-hungry chick deepthroated my dick after I gave her a few more punches in the stand-and-carry posture, causing me to unleash a creamy load on her tongue!

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