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Today, Abigail Ash came up to the Fake Taxi and asked if I could take her to the center. We struck up a cordial chat, and Abigail expressed her desire for the ride to last as long as possible because she was enjoying her time with me. During our conversation, I casually mentioned that I had injured my foot while playing football, and Abigail informed me that she was a physiotherapist. She accepted my offer of a free ride if she would check my foot, so she slid into the backseat. My foot was alright, but she rubbed my cock, which made it erect. Abigail became enraged and gave me a messy blowjob before turning around and allowing me to spread her ass and finger her pussy. Abigail climbed upon my cock and sucked my dick into her tight pussy, then wanked me off until I was on her stomach!

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