Naughty blonde caught red-handed

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Melody Pleasure boarded the Fake Taxi on her way to the South Bank today. We started driving, and I realized I needed to fill up the tank, so I pulled over to a gas station. I found I didn't have any cash in my wallet when I went to pay for the gas, which was strange considering I knew I had some when I left. As soon as I got back in the car, I realized Melody had taken it. She admitted that she had misplaced her wallet and was unable to pay! I was about to call the cops if she hadn't offered me a deal: we could go somewhere quiet and I could ride in the rear. Because she had a long tongue, I informed her that the quickest path to a man's heart was through his arse. Melody put on a show for me in the backseat, flaunting her gorgeous tits and round arse before sucking my cock and giving me a rimjob. Up the backseat, I fucked her hard, then she shoved her finger in my arse, and I covered her in sperm!

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