Respect Your Taxi Driver

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Isabelle De Laa, a brunette, was not wearing her mask when she got into my taxi today. I reminded her that we were under quarantine and told her to keep the mask on. She quickly removed it again so she could snap selfies. I kindly reminded her, but she took it off again to talk on the phone! When she pulled it off a fourth time, this time to apply lip gloss, I was enraged by her disrespect. I pulled over and told her to get out of the taxi since she didn't respect me. She didn't have any other options for getting to her friend's house, so I offered to take her if she got naked. When she stripped, I noticed she had wonderful boobs and a great ass, so I told her I'd pull over and drive her the rest of the way if she provided a blowjob. Isabella became horny after she had my big dick in her mouth and seated her wet pussy on my huge cock. As she bounced her booty up and down on my lap, I fucked her and then gave her a facial.

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