Sexy masseuse gets fucked on car bonnet

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I was going about my daily routine, but my back was starting to hurt after a few hard shifts. So much so that, despite having a hot passenger in the rear, all I could think of was the discomfort. As a result, I pulled over to stretch my legs. When she opened the door and stated she was a masseur while I was pacing around the taxi like a twat, I offered her a free ride if she could help me out. What a result: not only will I be getting a massage, but we all know what happens next. My cock was rock hard while she was working on my back, and she said she could feel it rising through the seat. She then offered to assist me in resolving my issue, which I gladly accepted. She sucked my cock like a lollipop after I stripped naked. This was precisely the type of massage I enjoy.

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