Street Lady Fucks Cabbie for Cash

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Vickie was on her way to see a client at a hotel, but he called to cancel just as we were leaving. When I questioned what kind of customer she had, she replied that her seductive clothing should have told me—then she exposed me her shaved pussy! The little brat didn't even have knickers on! Vickie asked if I'd want to take her client's hour now that she was free, and I felt I'd help the horny bird out. I handed her some cash and hopped into the back to check what my money could buy when she counted it. Vickie was an absolute pro and gave me a fucking amazing blowout. She tongued my arse without being asked, let me fuck her in every position I wanted, and even let me doggystyle her on the hood of the cab. Over that lovely babe's ass and tight, shaved pussy, I blasted my load. It was the best money I've ever spent!

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