The Summer of Peace and Love

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The second I realized Stacy Seran and Princess Paris were in peril, I flagged down a taxi. The ladies explained that they were returning from the Festival of Love and wanted to relax by the river. Princess Paris squirted her water bottle all over Stacy's white shirt as I came to a halt at a sign, resulting in a water battle! They drenched me as well! It was amusing to see their tits, which reminded me of a wet t-shirt contest, but when I asked who would pay for the clean-up, they said they didn't have any money, handbags, or anything else but peace and love. That means they'd finger each other, then one of them would give me a blowie while the other did a rimjob, and then they'd switch! I got to fuck both Stacy and Paris, then plowing Stacy doggystyle, pulling out and coming all over her arse so Paris could lick it all up!

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