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While operating the vehicle known as the Fake Taxi, my attention was drawn to a visually appealing blonde female situated on the roadside. Observing her demeanor, it appeared that she required transportation, prompting me to halt and offer her a ride. According to Mickey Muffin, she was employed as an escort and had spent the entire night with a client. Mickey's sexual arousal was apparent, as she presented me with her provocative red undergarments and ample bosom, causing a strong physiological response in my genitalia. The individual parked in a secluded area and proceeded to join Mickey in the rear of the vehicle, where they removed a butt plug that had been inserted deeply into her anus. The individual forcefully penetrated Mickey's anal cavity in a doggystyle position, while simultaneously administering physical punishment. Subsequently, the individual transitioned Mickey into a prone position, and proceeded to engage in vigorous sexual intercourse in a missionary-style position. The woman, who was wearing stockings, engaged in the cowgirl position during sexual intercourse until dismounting. Subsequently, she knelt down and performed oral sex on the male partner. To conclude, we engaged in a sexual position known as spooning, after which I withdrew and observed as Mickey manually stimulated the ejaculation of semen from my body.

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