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Being a courier is a demanding job, but you must ensure that your package is delivered. Mr. Olivers' office is visited by Steve Q, who brings a package for the CEO, but the boss is in a meeting. Because Steve can't afford to lose his job, he agrees to wait however long it takes. Steve's eyes fall to the CEO's extra shirt and tie as he becomes bored. Steve dons his shirt and tie since he has nothing better to do and wants to take some amusing selfies. He takes a few fast photos and is having a fantastic time when a knock comes at the door. Steve tries to change back, but Anny Aurora appears before he can. She informs her 'daddy' that she has been misbehaving and that she requires a spanking and a good, hard fuck. Steve happens to be at the right place at the right moment, and he's more than willing to help. Motherfuckers, who's the boss now? Steve isn't one of them...but he can act like he is!

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