Fake Removals: Tight

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The crew from Tossers Independent Removal is left with a load of stuff in the back of the truck after a particularly stressful assignment. John gets the brilliant idea of renting out the back of the truck as a bed and breakfast, despite the fact that the items are too trashy to sell online. Rico and his wife Amber Jayne, a blonde MILF with enormous tits yearning for cock, pay them their first visit. Amber bends to her knees and licks Longwood's cock while Princess Jas shows off the truck! Amber is taken inside by Longwood to work on paperwork and to fuck her tight pussy! While Rico searches for his wife, she seeks refuge in the bathroom, only to discover Sam wearing his pants down. When Longwood enters, he joins Sam and Amber to form a filthy trio that leaves the MILF coated in cum!

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