Late For College With A Hard On

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Kristof Cale, a college student, ignores his alarm, and his attractive roommate Rika Kane walks in. When a startled Kristof leaps out of bed, Rika is shocked by the size of his rock-hard genitalia. Rika approaches Kristof after becoming aroused and plays with his morning wood. The attractive man responds by inserting his tongue into Rika's hot, shaved pussy before pummeling the all-natural babe in a missionary and doggie-style. Rika gives her roommate a sloppy blowjob after riding Kristoff in cowgirl, and then Kristof lifts Rika in his strong arms to fuck her in the stand-and-carry position. After piledriving the small blonde, Kristof proceeds to bone Rika again until he fills her up with a creampie.

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