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When Sam Bourne's girlfriend Jade Presley begs him to let her sister Giorgia Roma stay with them, he doesn't have much of a choice, especially because Giorgia is already there. As the two Latinas catch up, Sam carries Giorgia's baggage up to the guest room, and Jade runs off to do something else. Giorgia decides to take a shower, and Sam is drawn to the sound of running water as she watches Giorgia strip, taking in the beauty of her perky tits and huge Latina booty. When Giorgia spots the voyeur, she invites Sam over and kisses him instead of being embarrassed. Giorgia falls to her knees and gives her sister's lover a sloppy blowjob, luring Jade into the room with her moaning. Sam hides in the shower until Jade has left, then returns to his room to contemplate what has just happened. Giorgia soon joins him, sucking his cock and then taking his dick in her tight pussy...until Jade eventually catches them red-handed!

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