Pranksters Anal Surprise

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Kristof Cale, a bearded jokester, is up to his old antics once again—this time he's tearing holes in Selva Lapiedra's tight training shorts! The athletic beauty discovers her roommate wanking off and sniffing her underwear as she goes to confront him. Selva doesn't stay angry at Kristof for very long after noticing his enormous dick and instead kneels down to blow him. Selva spreads out her lovely round booty after sucking on Kristof's throbbing manhood and lets him lubricate it before penetrating her delicious hole in doggy fashion from behind. On the couch, the two hot people engage in some private spooning. Selva then tastes her own ass by sucking Kristof's dick once more. The dark-haired nympho displays her petite, perky tits as she repeatedly bounces cowgirl-style and reverse on her roommate's lap. She then receives a strong anal hammering in missionary position until He pulls out to cover her face in sperm!

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