Space Taxi: Bounty

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Jazz (Amber Deen), a Space Taxi pilot, is dispatched to pick up bounty hunter Cruz (Stirling Cooper) somewhere off the coast of Ocraxia, but he's not alone: he's transporting an Ocraxian warrior back to prison. Despite Cruz's assurances to Jazz that his prisoner Sha'ra (Sophie Anderson) isn't a threat, she breaks free and engages in a shootout with her captor! Sha'ra has suddenly taken command of the ship, but Jazz has a plan. She persuades the horny big-titted alien to put on a display for Cruz before blowing him out the airlock, and Sha'ra is soon after a taste of the bounty hunter cock. Cruz is even unchained so he may better penetrate their pussies, and she demands that he cum all over her face. Sha'ra, on the other hand, is furious that she's been tricked! Jazz may be a terrific shag, but she's always paid!

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