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his invoice. I had to find a way to buy some more time before we paid his bill because he was a cute looking guy who appeared a little stressed. I had to think quickly, so I began obscenely flirting with him while bartering for a lower bill. Even though he was married, I could tell he was becoming excited as I caressed his shoulders and legs, and I knew it wouldn't be long before he was like putty in my hands. I grabbed his cock out of his jeans and plunged his semi-hard member into my mouth before he could fully think about what was going on. As I licked his cock to full erection, his knees almost crumbled, and there was no turning back now. We walked to the couch, where he licked my pussy before asking me to mount him in cowgirl. We fucked hard and fast in a few positions, and my climax was tremendous as he doggedly charged into me from behind. After such an amazing pleasure ride, I was exhausted, but he continued to pump his cock deep into my sticky pussy from behind. It ultimately became too much for him, and he pulled out just in time to fire cum ropes across my pert ass cheeks. He swiftly got up, granted me an extension on when I had to pay the amount, and then walked away. Success, I got a wonderful fuck and extra time to avoid paying this bill I don't want to pay. It was shaping up to be a fantastic Friday.

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