Female Agent: Agent Fucks Rock Hard Stud

Agent Fucks Rock Hard Stud

Luke (27 mins). Luke walked in and my knickers almost dropped straight away. Here was a confident stud, not shy in the slightest and with a body that looked like it belonged on Rushmore. I had to have him inside me, he was just that damn good looking. When he arrived he wanted to do fashion modelling, but once I'd explained that there was better money for porn he seemed keen to try his hand. I asked to see his body and his penis was rock hard as soon as he removed his trousers. This guy was like a seasoned professional, ready to rock and roll.When I mentioned that he could do a casting with me today and get a job tomorrow, he jumped at the chance and I had his beautiful cock deep inside my mouth. I asked him to lick my and he jumped at the chance, his tongue carved it's way into my velvet, moist hole, pushing me to the edge of heaven. I needed his cock inside me and I mounted him, pounding up and down on his thick cock. We fucked in a few more positions, his stamina was amazing but I'd had enough pleasure for the day and I wanted to feel his thick, hot spunk on my body. His cumshot was impressive, you could tell he was a single guy, there was a few days worth of man glue build up inside his balls and he emptied them all over my stomach. Another amazing casting from a very sexy stud.

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