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this individual was a veteran, I figured it would be more difficult to deceive him, so I used a different approach. I just asked him if he would fuck me if I switched off the cameras and sent my assistant outside. His initial response was a resounding yes. As a result, I pretended to turn off the cameras, and it was fucking time. Martin had a very attractive body, and I was interested to see what skills he has as a seasoned pornstar. I'll admit that I tried to knock him off his stride a few times by hinting that he was gay because he had sex with guys for money in the past. And this made him go soft a few times, to the point where I called my assistant cameraman back into the room and got his cock out, yanking on it like I was pulling a pint at one point. We fucked in a few positions, and he kissed my pussy while I sat at my desk, which I thought was very sexy, but I couldn't quite attain orgasm with him, which would be a problem as I was building up. He finally had enough of my tight, wet pussy and showered it with what appeared to be a liter of semen. I kicked him out at this point because he had failed to make me cum, and instead went after my cameraman. As a few protests, he was soon shooting his own sperm all over the place after I yanked him off into my shoes. All in all, a very intriguing and pleasurable casting, which would have been even better if I had also gotten my own orgasm.

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