Athletic Brunette Takes It All Off

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in that chair in front of me, I knew she wasn't leaving until I had sampled every inch of her. She had a lovely physique, which I could see through her clothes, and her manner was so nice and innocent that she quickly won me over. When I told her I needed to see her in her underwear, she exposed a lovely bra and pantyhose, and her muscular stomach revealed that this nymph was a gym rat. I strolled over to her and began to caress her skin, confident in my abilities. I promised her that if we could have some fun here today, I'd get her the best employment for the best income and that no one could care after her better than me. We were soon standing as I put my hand inside her pants, one of my filthy digits plunging into her moistness. We moved onto the couch, where, like caterpillars shedding their cocoons to become butterflies, we removed the rest of our garments and began to explore each other. She began to suck and finger fuck me to an earth shattering climax, making me tremble with delight as joy coursed through my veins. When the attractive nymph inquired whether I had any toys, I pulled out my plastic phallus and fucked her from behind. I went into her in missionary and fucked her tight hole to a magnificent orgasm because I wanted to be more close and personal with her. What a fantastic day.

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