Athletic Stud Has A Creamy Surprise For Female Agent

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Victor Victor Victor Victor Victor Victor Victor Victor Victor (32 mins). Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Billie, and I'm a new female agent ready and willing to deceive young pornstars into pleasing and satisfying me in my capacity as a phony female agent. My first victim was a young stud named Victor, who didn't seem to realize that this was a pornographic casting and instead thought he was modeling for commercials. I opted to portray a horny, sex-deprived agent in desperate need of a good fucking, and Victor was the man who would provide it. He was sold on the idea that I'd need to see him in action right away, and he was instantly turned on by the prospect of me not having had sex in a long time. I was already getting wet with the notion of fucking this young man on my office desk as I played with his balls with my feet. I first straddled him before lying back on my desk and letting him pound my pussy with his delicious cock. I started shivering as the climax swept over me, and then he started devouring my pussy like he was dying of hunger. He was excellent, and I decided I needed more control, so we moved to the sofa, and I rode his cock like a race horse. He banged me doggystyle before finishing with a load on my firm ass cheeks because I wanted to see his cumshot. This is a very sultry casting, and perhaps the beginning of many.

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