Beautiful Agent Goes For A Ride On A Stiff Dick

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(38 mins). apologize to everyone for the technical difficulties that happened during the filming of this casting. We only had one camera to put the scenario together because one of our cameras was filming but the video file became corrupted and unplayable, thus it can be bit jerky at points. I guarantee it won't happen again. Anyway, Rollie walked into the workplace talking about having sex with 350 women, which had my BS sense on high alert. Rollie was a handsome young man, but I suspected he was lying to me because of his age, so I decided to torment him. I worked him up till his balls were tighter than a coiled spring, being a complete cock tease to the poor fellow. All of this teasing was getting on my nerves, so I decided to put his tongue to the test. He sat down, and I straddled his face, pressing my lips on his. I decided to let him fuck me doggy style after his tongues gobbled my pussy and it felt fantastic. As he boasted to fucking so many girls, I made him wear a condom just in case, and he proceeded to pound me from behind. But then it stopped just when it was getting good, and he protested that he couldn't penetrate me with a condom on. So it appeared that I would have to fend for myself once more. I made him wank himself into climax while slipping a dildo in and out of my lovely pussy, and when he arrived, I kicked him out, useless man. Then I fucked myself till I was in orgasm, jerking and groaning on the end of my toy and making my pussy extremely sensitive.

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