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with delight when this stud strolled into my office. I'm a sucker for men with muscular bodies, and I could tell this was a gym rat. I was getting more comfortable in my role as fictitious female agent, and when he started flirting with me during the interview, I knew his cock was going to spend some time deep into my pussy. He had originally come for ordinary modeling work, but his attention was aroused when I offered shooting porn. I apparently chose to assist him in stroking his cock since he was soon stroking his cock. I drew him fully into my hot, sticky mouth. I sprang onto his throbbing cock and rode him like a stallion after he indicated he enjoyed vigorous sex. His cock felt incredible going in and out of my pussy, and he had a lot of stamina. We switched to the spoon position, but his legs got in the way of his cock flowing in and out of me because he wasn't used to fucking on film. I asked him to fuck me from behind, and he was quickly thrusting hard and fast into my body, making it shudder and convulse with delight. So far, this has been a wonderful casting, but, like most males, he messed it up in the end. I felt him tense up a little as he crashed into me from behind, and his body began to spasm with pleasure behind me. I'd been creampied in my own casting, and he'd merely gone and discharged his load deep into me. With his come still pouring out of my tight pussy lips, I tossed him out, enraged. His selfish act of cumming deep inside my silky tube spoiled a perfect casting.

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