Female Agents Turns Nice Guy Into A Fuck Machine

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Pierson is a character in the film Pierson (25 mins). I awoke wetter than a British summer, I had some incredible dreams last night, and I was really horny; I couldn't wait to get to work and relieve my sexual tensions. Pierson was the lucky guy, and he had come to work and live the porn star dream. I couldn't restrain myself; I wasn't the most attractive man in the world, but the way I was feeling, I'd have jumped the elephant man this morning. Although there was a tiny delay in waking up his cock, he was naked in front of me in no time. I flirted with him profusely, but it wasn't until he was licking on my pussy lips that he came to life. He had a tongue piercing, which he used to flick over my clit and dart in and out of my slippery hole, which did wonders for my pussy. My assistant was a little envious today and wanted me to stop casting right then, but there was no way I wasn't getting my cock today. As I let free of my pricey boobs from their confining bra, I had him fuck me on my desk. He fucked me magnificently on my desk, quickly and furiously, since I couldn't get enough. Then I sat him down on the sofa and he banged my pussy in a variety of ways. He was spurting his man jam all over my stomach and tits before I realized it, as my tight pussy was too much for the poor guy. His cock was a wonderful casting with a good stud, and it delighted me and addressed that itch I'd felt since I woke up that morning.

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