Nervous Brunette Really Enjoys a Lesbian Experience

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Jessy is a young woman (23 mins). Jessy was a sweet girl who was timid and shy due to her lack of experience. I spoke quickly, not giving her enough time to consider what I was saying. She expressed an interest in working with females but had no idea what it entailed; she was as green as grass and could easily be used. That's exactly what I did. She had a really slender physique with little pert tits and an unusual tattoo running down her back when I got her naked for some photographs. I couldn't get her to relax because her bum was also tight and rigid. When I requested her to masturbate for me, she told me she didn't do so. It was time to switch gears; this gal was proving to be quite the struggle. I sat down and told him I could show her how to masturbate on camera to help her, and she could watch me do it. So she sat there watching as I began to masturbate; I drew her close to me as I climaxed and got her to touch my breasts, but she looked reserved and couldn't relax properly. This was a difficult task, but I was determined to give this girl an orgasm and introduce masturbation into her life. I used a vibrator to get her to masturbate for me, and then I assisted her. However, this girl isn't the most vocal in the world, and her orgasm came and went so quickly that I almost missed it. Overall, she's a nice girl, but even if I were a legitimate agent, I'd have a hard time getting her employment till she loosens up and learns to relax.

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