Female Agent: Nervous Brunette Really Enjoys a Lesbian Experience

Nervous Brunette Really Enjoys a Lesbian Experience

Jessy (23 mins). Jessy was a very nice girl, hesitant and shy with no experience. I talked rapidly and didn't give her too much time to ponder what I was saying. She said she was interested in working with girls but wasn't sure what was involved, she really was as green as grass and could easily be taken advantage of. So that's what I did. I got her naked for some shots, she had a very slim body with small pert tits, and an interesting tattoo going down her back. Her bum was also tight and firm but I couldn't get her to relax. When I asked her to masturbate for me she replied that she didn't masturbate. Time to change tact, this girl was quite the challenge. I sat down and told he that I could show her how to masturbate on camera to help her and that she could watch me and see how it was done. So she sat there watching me as I started to masturbate, I pulled her close to me as I began to climax and got her to touch my breasts but she seemed quite reserved and just couldn't properly relax. This was a tough challenge but I was determined now to give this girl an orgasm and open her world to masturbation. I got her to masturbate for me with a vibrator and then I helped her out. This girl is not the most vocal lady in the world tho, her orgasm came and went and I almost missed it. All in all a nice girl, but even if I was a real agent I'd struggle to get her work unless she loosened up a bit and learned how to relax.

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