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body. She objected at this point, claiming she was uncomfortable because my assistant cameraman was making her timid and awkward, so I threw him out of the room as quickly as a speeding bullet. She was naked the next thing I knew, and I was around her like a sexual predator. As I massaged her body, I started telling her about all the jobs I could get her if she'd make a casting video, but she kept bringing up the girlfriend excuse. She agreed to the film after considerable persuasion from me and the promise of a lot of effort, and I wasted no time. I grabbed my camera and got some beautiful POV images of this stunning young blonde sucking and lapping at my pussy like the creamed lesbian. I gave her directions and detailed instructions on how to pleasure me, and it wasn't long before I was curling my leg around her head and experiencing one of the strongest orgasms I'd ever experienced. I guess the idea that I had persuaded her to cheat on her girlfriend made me hornier than ever before, and I couldn't wait to taste her lovely pussy. My fingers went where no cock had gone before, and she was soon convulsing in ecstasy on the end of my amazing digits. I will always remember this gorgeous sexual blonde as one of my own favorite castings to date. Enjoy.

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