Shy Guy Wants to Try Modeling

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the fact that he's not my usual type, I determined that he wouldn't leave the office until he'd emptied both balls across my face. After asking him a few questions, I came to the conclusion that, because he was shy, he would be better suited to undertaking more intimate adult sexual work. I walked sexily around the desk and informed him he could do a casting right now with me, as he seemed astonished and unsure if he could do it. I kissed his mouth and blew my hot breath into his ear as I asked him, and I could see he was getting extremely eager. He instantly consented, and I followed him over to the couch. I was so eager and imitated that I climbed on top of him and hungrily kissed him while rubbing my body against him. His impressive-looking cock slid out when I pulled his pants down. I started sucking him dry, shoving his large dick into the back of my throat. I couldn't take it any longer; my pussy was chomping at the bit, so I went on top of him and assumed the cowgirl position. Not only did this hunk have a massive cock, but he also had the stamina to match. I enjoy riding cock and wanted to feel his load spill onto my face after fucking him and reaching multiple orgasms in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. As he wanked his own member, I licked his balls, and he soon splattered his thick sauce all over my cheek. I was satisfied; it was a really enticing casting, so I sent him on his way, promising him more employment in the future. Next time, I'm not sure who I'll have on the couch.

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