Female Fake Taxi: Businessman Strikes Sexual Deal

Businessman Strikes Sexual Deal

My heart started racing as soon as this hunky passenger jumped into my cab, and we started to chat as we drove. It seemed like his business and a recent divorce were loading him up with stress from both sides, and I couldn't help wondering how such a handsome guy could be single. After exchanging banter he finally made a move, and asked me out, I proposed pulling over for a spontaneous quickie where no one could find us. We pulled over in a little area where I bring all my flings, and I joined him in the back to see if he still remembered how to fuck! He started off by eating my pussy, licking my clit until I was so horny and practically begging him to fuck me. My passenger started pounding me with his hard dick, until I was yelling so loud I feared someone might hear and call the cops!

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