Huge boobs and the mechanic

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I'd had such a bad week, and my car had broken down. I remembered driving James home not long ago, and he had assured me that if I had any problems, he could fix the car. I contacted him, and he arrived 30 minutes later. It wasn't the car I was searching for him to fix in secret; it was my pussy. When James arrived and couldn't figure out what was wrong (I damaged the car), I told him I'd show him if he sat in the back seat. My enormous tits were what I showed him! James realized what he was doing and sucked my nipples while playing with my pussy. I asked to see his equipment and then gave him a sloppy blowjob, spit on my tits, and a breast job. James fucked me so thoroughly that I came multiple times, but then he pulled away and jumped on my arse! It was exactly what I required.

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