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The other day, when I was cruising around in the Fake Taxi, Alex Romero, a gorgeous Frenchman, came into view. He had a charming accent, and I relished our conversation. The car broke down in the middle of the trip, so I had to tow it to the closest mechanic. As usual, I was horny, so I joined Alex in the backseat and asked him to play with my large tits as we waited for the mechanic. I gave his cock a powerful lick before extending my legs for the dark-haired man to tongue my juicy pussy. Then, after exiting the cab, Alex fucked me while I was still standing before I straddled him and rode his big, thick dick over the ground. I got down on my knees, gave the bearded man a sticky facial, and then used my mouth to clean his cock when he was ready to cum!

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