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Today, Axel Aces summoned me. He was going to the park by himself to wait for his friends to get home from work. I offered to accompany him because it was a sunny day, I was barely dressed, and I was horny as hell. Instead of going to the park, I suggested we go to one of my personal fuck locations. We drove to the remote place, and I jumped into the backseat to give Axel a blowjob. We laid a blanket on the ground outside and he played with my tits while I swallowed his cock. Axel fucked me doggystyle after I got down on all fours and wiggled my arse at him. His hard dick felt great in my tight pussy, but I couldn't decide whether I liked it better there or in my throat! Axel jumped on top of me for the finish, and I kissed his balls while he wanked and gave me a facial.

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