The Perfect Birthday Present

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When I picked up Chris, a lovely man who was in Prague for his birthday, I was operating the Fake Taxi. I also picked up my stunning, blonde-haired friend Sasha on the way to the city center, and as a special birthday present for Chris, she couldn't resist displaying him her enormous, artificial boobs! I stopped and jumped into the backseat of the taxi with Chris and Sasha, where the three of us were having our own private party. Chris and I took turns sucking each other's erect cocks in messy double blowjobs before we crouching down for Chris to doggy-style fuck our moist, trimmed pussies. Chris enjoyed watching as Sasha sucked my clit and inserted her fingers inside my pussy before I hopped onto his lap and bounced around on his enormous dick like a cowgirl! The muscular hunk orgasmed while fucking me once again in missionary. I then prodded Sasha with my tongue till she arrived.

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