Two Sexy Ladies Have Backseat Fun

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A new dame, a new day. When I'm keeping an eye on attractive girls like Vanessa who get into my taxi, I always comment. I couldn't believe she was having difficulties selling to her clients, because I'd let a blonde chick with great fake tits sell me land on the moon. As we drove, I began flirting, describing how sex relieves sex, and Vanessa began to allude to her previous experience with girls. Knowing she was open to lesbian sex, I stepped up my game in the hopes of being her next female lover. Vanessa accepted the bait, going in close to check out my enormous boobs and removing her sweatshirt so I could see her cleavage even more clearly. Vanessa took command of the journey, telling me to exit the freeway and removing her shirt as she guided me to an empty shoulder spot. Anyone passing by would have seen two half-naked eager females squabbling in my taxi, both enraged by the prospect of a shot session of girl/girl sex and pussy-eating!

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