What Are You Doing Back There?

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This morning, when I picked up this hot guy to take me to the airport, I was quite horny. He admitted to having a girlfriend to me as we were driving, but that didn't stop me from wanting to flirt with him! He seemed to adore my large fake boobs, and I later caught him doing it! He removed his top, revealing a muscular, inked chest that I adored. I pulled over and sat with the hot stud in the back of the cab after letting him touch my enormous tits, where I gagged on his long, thick cock and sucked his balls! He spanked my voluptuous ass while eating out my pussy, and after that, I sat on his rock-hard dick and jumped around on it. Then, as I played with my clit in the backseat in missionary position, the well-hung hottie gave me a strong beating during which I repeatedly orgasmed. To conclude, I took a doggy-style fuck and wanked him off till his come was all the way up to my mouth!

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