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Even though busy CEO Totti has a busy day ahead of him, he finds it difficult to focus when he sees his attractive assistant Sofi leaving his office wearing an incredibly tight leather miniskirt. When Sofi's attire didn't adhere to the dress code for the workplace, Totti called her into his office and even ran a measuring tape down her slender thigh to ensure that it was way too short. He offers Sofi a more polished dress to put on, but the adorable achiever has a better plan! In order to reveal her vibrant red underwear, Sofi takes off her shirt and lifts her skirt. She then kneels down and yanks out her boss's cock to see whether it is adequate. Before Totti bends the sassy secretary over his desk to fuck her doggystyle, the secretary proves that her blowjob abilities far above all expectations. Wearing your birthday suit to work might sometimes be advantageous!

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