Bang Me, Bang Me Harder

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On the side of the road, I noticed this brunette sitting on her bag. Tru Kait's boyfriend reportedly deserted her in Prague following an argument, leaving her with 50 euros, and then he departed. I gave Kait, who was from LA and in need of money to get home, some cash in exchange for her showing me her boobs. She didn't hesitate to reveal me her large, attractive tits. She showed me her ass in exchange for more, and I pressed my luck by requesting a blowjob. She fell in love with my dick after we went out together, and she tried to deepthroat it all. She turned around and tore open her shorts, exposing her openings for me to penetrate her pussy dog-style. She rode me on the ground after I fucked her missionary in my car, and I finally dropped a hot load of sperm on her tits.

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