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I observed this unhappy-looking girl sitting on a bench near my house, appearing quite disturbed. I approached her and inquired as to what was wrong. Her partner had thrown her out of her flat, it turned out. She was very depressed about it. If there was anything else I could do, I said to let me know. She stated she was heading to a girlfriend's place, so I offered to accompany her to ensure she arrived safely. There was no response. She said she didn't have any money for a hotel, so I offered to help her out by doing some modeling work and paying her right then and there. She was a little nervous at first, but I could sense she wanted to do it. So we chose a location and paid over a bundle of cash in exchange for a one-minute casting. I have to say, her boobs were amazing; they were flawless! She was quite attractive. I offered her another wad of cash (this time a little more!) in exchange for some quick sex with me. She couldn't help herself. We fucked into the night in a secret but still quite public location! We had to be careful since she licked my dick and then let me fuck her hard from behind because she was making so much noise. As I fucked her, I adored gripping her lovely tits! I completed my task by dumping my load into her mouth!

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