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I approached redheaded American Alex Harper on the side of the road, who appeared to be disoriented, and offered assistance. Alex informed me that her bags had been lost at the airport, and she was without her passport or phone, as well as directions to her hotel. She told me she was staying at the Intercontinental, which was on the other side of Prague, so I let her use my phone. Alex flashed me on the spot after I offered her money if she would show me her dream boobs. She was not a shy person! She offered to touch my dick after I informed her it was erect. She wanted to suck my cock when she felt its size, so we went to a discreet location where she could give me a blowjob. She asked me to place it in her pussy after my dick made her horny, and then she rode me backwards like a cowgirl. Alex had cum a few times after some standing doggystyle sex, so she dropped to her knees and wanked me off till I came everywhere!

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