Dumped but fucked on Valentines Day

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I heard yelling and turned around to see Aaeysha, who was sitting on a park bench, yelling into her phone. I overheard the conversation: on Valentine's Day, she was getting dumped! I quickly gathered some flowers and approached her. I introduced myself and informed Aaeysha that I hoped I could help her feel better! I treated her to dinner and then booked us a hotel room. When I asked Aaeysha if she would accept 400 euro to allow me eat her pussy as she was lying on the bed enjoying the view, she said yes. She was horny, and the money was nice, so she took off her pants and let me sample her sweet juices. Aaeysha became horny after I placed my tongue between her legs, and she quickly demanded to suck my dick. I fucked her tight pussy doggystyle after the sexy babe gave me a blowjob. I slammed her on the back in a missionary manner, then pulled away and landed on her stomach.

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