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I noticed Keira Flow, who was holding a tall glass of water, waiting for the bus. I started conversing with her because she was wearing heels and looked quite lovely. Keira was waiting for the bus, but when I told her I had a business opportunity for her, she agreed to talk for a while. I explained that I was a talent agent seeking for models and that I would pay her if she could perform a fast casting. Keira showed me her perky tits for 10,000 crowns, then I got to view her butt for another 10,000 crowns. Keira consented to suck my cock for a little something more, and the blowjob made her horny, so she let me into her tight, wet pussy. Keira was the most wonderful surprise I've ever encountered at a bus stop, especially since she let me to put my hand in her mouth!

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