Hot blonde babe fucks a stranger in public place

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To break the ice and see if I could pique her attention, I told her about the 'business.' Fortunately, she was! I had a wad of cash in my wallet that I knew she couldn't pass up! I told her we had a high-end lingerie line that she'd be excellent for, and I told her I'd love to see her in some! Anyway, she agreed to go to a casting if we could find a more discreet location. We discovered this building and climbed to the top of the stairwell; however, when we got up there, the bloody elevator kept going on and off, giving us a fright! I handed over the money when we realized we were alone, and she had her top off before I knew it (I didn't even ask!). She wasn't even wearing a bra!) My dick, oh my god, it was so hard. If she was up for it, I told her I'd want to have a little fun. For some quick sex, I gave her another (much larger!) wad of cash. She took it, stuffed it in her bag, and proceeded to give me the best blowout ever! I can't express how wonderful it felt! She knew exactly what she was doing as she tormented my cock with her tongue, staring directly up at the camera! I helped her to her feet, pulled down her thin black thong, and began giving it to her from behind; she was having such much fun that she pushed her tits back out of her top so I could see them bounce around! Soon after, we located a new location where she could ride me! We could hear people periodically, but they couldn't see us and had no idea what we were doing! I finished by cumming all over her lovely face, which she thoroughly enjoyed!

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