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I was walking down the street with my good friend Nick when we came across this lovely blonde. I came to a halt in front of her and inquired as to what she was doing in Prague. Caty Kiss was on vacation, and she was planning to go shopping at the mall. I offered her money to talk for a while, telling her she could use it to buy more lovely clothes. Caty liked the concept and wanted a lot of money, so she consented to show off her perky boobs and even pulled down her pants so we could stuff euros between her ass cheeks. Caty consented to suck Nick's dick and let me video it for other reasons. We walked inside because it was getting a bit chilly outside, and after sucking Nick's cock a little more, Caty asked how much we'd pay to let him fuck her pussy. Nick fucked her till she wanked him off to swallow his sperm, so she pulled down her pants and masturbated doggystyle.

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