Italian Brunette Lost Her Phone

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The other day I was out for a walk when I saw this gorgeous brunette wearing a short dress. I went up and asked if she needed any assistance because she appeared to be unhappy about something. Sara Diamante informed me that she was from Italy and had lost her phone, which included all of her contacts. If she agreed to show me her attractive physique, I would give her money to get a new one. She concurred, and after flashing me her bubble butt, we went looking for a more private location so she could blow me a kiss. The curvy girl was hungry enough to let me fuck her shaved, wet pussy doggystyle while she loved gorging on my enormous cock. Then I paddled Sara's enormous, bouncing ass while she was riding me cowgirl and in reverse. Before I squirted her with my cum, she wanked me off after I had hammered her hard in missionary.

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