Laid in the Laundry Room

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Tiny Tina was passing by me on the street as I was testing out my new camera. I came to a halt because I hadn't seen her since high school. Tina had continued her studies and was on her way from the local community college. I informed her that I was no longer in school and that I was now employed by a modeling agency. Tina was so attractive at school that I asked her if she would like to be compensated for a casting. I asked Tiny if she was single after she flashed me her tits and flashed me her. I took a chance and asked her if she wanted to fuck when she told me she was. I gave her additional money, and she agreed to accompany me to a nearby location I knew about. Tina stripped and began to wank my cock as soon as we reached the washing room. She blew me up, then climbed on top of me and stuffed my dick into her pussy. Tina rode me well, after which I fucked her doggystyle and then covered her with a facial!

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