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I was working in Prague when I saw Ginebra Bellucci, a girl who looked precisely like this famous pop diva. I approached her and informed her that the doughnut-licking icon was in town filming a sensual music video and that she needed a stunt double. I offered Ginebra money for a short casting and congratulated her the entire time. She showed me her perky tits in exchange for money, and I told her they were exactly like the doppelganger's! I asked her how long it had been since she had sex after she showed me her ass. To my utter surprise, it had been so long that she couldn't recall! I offered to do her a favor and eat her pussy to make her cum because I'm a gentleman. Ginebra agreed, and we set off; I then removed her underwear and urged her to lie down. She sucked my dick after I ate her pussy, then I fucked her deep until I could pull out and cum on her!

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