Lost Italian fucked from BEE-hind

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Valentina was buzzing around Prague, and one glance at the bright flower made me crave her. I was having problems paying attention because I was too busy staring at her tits! She continued droning on about how she had no idea how to go back to her hotel, but I was having trouble paying attention because I was too busy starring at her tits! I'm no parasite, so I offered her a bargain, even if it was just to see what her large behind looked like. I'd get to sample her honey in exchange for giving her a ride. She was nervous at first, but as we talked, her confidence grew, and when she grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth, I almost came right away. Maybe it was the pheromones, maybe it was our placement, but we were almost stung by a bee after I had shot all over her face! I knew fucking outside was dangerous, but I had no idea I needed a beekeeper outfit!

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