Multiple Orgasms for Brazilian Hottie

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When I first saw Francys, I could tell she was a bit of a free spirit. In a leopard-skin coat, the lovely Brazilian walked around the park, looking sensual and sexy. It's looking like danger! She claimed to be a make-up artist on holiday in Prague with her girlfriends. She even talked a little Portuguese to me! Francys' eyes brightened up when she saw my huge stack of cash when I asked if she was interested in generating money. When I requested for a blowjob, she laughed and told me I was insane, but I could tell she enjoyed being wicked. She followed me back to my car, sniffing the cash, and displaying her beautiful tits. She had a fantastic figure and gave me a flawless blowout. She sucked up all of my cum and then toyed with it in front of the camera. And before I knew it, she'd swallowed the entire bottle and informed me that it was vitamins!

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