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Blonde Russian girl Anna has lived in the Czech Republic for a year, but she is not fluent in the language! Still, I had to try to meet the thick, attractive teen who stepped off the bus since she was so fit. Anna was warm and welcoming, and she was on her way home from a day at college. When I asked whether she'd like to make some money doing advertising, she immediately answered yes. When I told her I needed to see her in her underwear, she said that wouldn't be possible because she doesn't wear any! I wondered whether she'd done it before, because she seemed so comfortable taking off her clothing in public. And after seeing her wonderful student tits, I was so desperate to fuck her that I offered her a large sum of money. I liked how she swallowed me in and how tight her pussy was while she was riding me. With a mouthful of cum, and now a wallet full of cash, he's a complete neanderthal!

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