Public Agent: Russian Babe Fucks In The Woods

Russian Babe Fucks In The Woods

I noticed that this women looked a little lost. She had a great figure and I could not see a visible panty line through her tight shorts. I wondered over to her and I introduced myself as a modelling agent. She was more concerned that she was lost. She needed to get to a college for an appointment. I offered to driver her there myself after I had offered her a job. I wanted to know if she was interested in modelling. She said that she was interested but she did not want to pose in her underwear in a public place. I took her into the woods where she felt more relaxed and she stripped down to her bra. She then told me she was wearing no panties. I promised her I would get her a lot of work if she let me fuck her. I got her in the face down ass up position and pounded away at her tight wet pussy.

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