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The other day, when I was strolling the streets of Prague, I ran into this adorable Spanish woman. As we conversed, she revealed her name was Zoe Doll and that she was a visitor to the area. I gave the gorgeous woman with raven hair 200 euros to show me her perky tits and another 200 to flash me her lovely round buttocks because I had just won big at the casino. My dick was getting hard, so I offered Zoe a blowjob in exchange for more money. Zoe consented, and as we arrived at a secluded area, she knelt down to suck me off. The tattooed girl was horny and leaned over to allow me to fuck her hot pussy while standing doggystyle. As she sat on it like a cowgirl, she pushed her ass back against my huge cock. After a particularly difficult missionary, Zoe jerked me off till I entered her lovely mouth.

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