She Gets Fucked Next to a River

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Annie Wolf approached me on the street to ask for assistance since her wallet had been stolen! The lovely Serbian had misplaced her money, passport, and everything else! But, because I was in a weird section of town and didn't know how to get her to the authorities, I offered to pay her money if she showed me her body! Annie accompanied me to a private place among the woods, where she showed me her amazing boobs and her ass—completely naked! Oh, my goodness. She had such a lovely pussy, it was like a peach! I offered her additional money in exchange for rapid sex, and she agreed. I am the luckiest man on the face of the earth. Annie licked my cock, after which I fucked her doggystyle by the river. Before she left to the police station, I even brought her some tissues to clean the cum off her face. I believe that was a fair deal for both of us.

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